Depending on the type of delivery you have you may experience some discomfort in your perineal area after delivery.

For many women this is often relieved very effectively with oral medication and ice packs and the pain subsides a little more every day. It is amazing how women have the capacity for healing in places “where the sun doesn’t shine!”

Walking can help to aid stiffness and frequent rests lying down takes the abdominal pressure off your bottom. It is important to remember to try and go to the toilet at regular intervals for the first few days after delivery to help regain bladder tone (or control).

It is likely that you will feel a bit sore when you sit up or walk around at the beginning, some women will only feel slight discomfort, others can feel very uncomfortable.

The pain may be associated with either the birth or changes that occurred to your body during pregnancy.

If you have had a tear, episiotomy or required stitches it may be painful when you sit up or walk. Please ask for analgesia and discuss this problem with your midwife as there are several initiatives that can be commenced to help you at this time.

In addition to pains caused by the delivery of your baby, bones and ligaments can also be softened through pregnancy through changes in hormone levels to aid delivery and you may ache for a few days, or even up to a few weeks after your babies arrival. For women who are having second or subsequent babies it is important to remember that lifting toddlers at this time can potentially lead to back injury if you are not careful. A general rule for older siblings is to sit before cuddling! That way your back is safe and older children are still able to bond with Mum at this time of change in their lives.