The physiotherapy guidelines suggest three months after you have had your baby is the right time to attempt running. However, everyone’s pregnancy and delivery is different and you should only attempt running when you feel that your pelvic floor is strong enough. It is not normal to experience leakage or accidents while running.

Continuing to run when your Pelvic Floor function is poor will only increase the weakness in your pelvic floor function and possibly cause irreversible damage.

Running and your milk supply

Some women will experience changes in their milk supply after doing high level exercise, particularly endurance exercise like running.

You may see a reduction in your supply or it may develop a sour taste due to your lactic acid build up. Try to feed your baby prior to running, and then watch for any changes in the 24 hour period following this.

If you do notice changes, consider altering your exercise to interval training instead of endurance based to avoid the lactic acid build up.