For the fifth year running, we celebrated and acknowledged all of the babies who decide to arrive well before their due date by hosting a morning tea and sharing stories of patients who have delivered a premature baby.
With hundreds of babies cared for each year in our Special Care Nursery and many that require complex medical interventions to keep them alive we are always striving for ways to provide better and the most up to date medical care possible. We have had the highest rated private Victorian Special Care Nursery for three years now and this has led to us caring for many complex needs, including an increase in the number of multiple births that we look after. At our celebration this week, many of these families returned to join us and I noticed many sets of twins!

The day is hosted by Lil Aussie Prems, a volunteer group who provide assistance to families of premature babies. Last year we were provided with a grant from the organisation to spend on a project to assist parents within the nursery. The SCN team used these funds to produce a new brochure to provide support for parents once they leave our care, with answers to the most common questions we are asked. They also put money towards the purple butterfly project. This project tells everyone who enters the nursery that if they see a purple butterfly on a cot, it means that this family has experienced baby or pregnancy loss. We have had a number of families choose to use the purple butterflies on their infant’s cot to remind others of the loss of a sibling to their baby.

The birth of a baby is one of the biggest changes to any family and once they leave our care our patients often need further support in many ways. Every quarter we offer patients the opportunity to come and enjoy lunch with us and hear from a qualified member of our staff about how they can best care for their baby. This week we held a sleep settling class, which was booked out within minutes of the invitation going out. These lunches are a way for our patients to stay connected with us, to receive the support they might not be finding elsewhere and also to catch up with other new parents who might be experiencing similar concerns.

On our social channels, we shared a great video from the Special Care Nursery which has so far been viewed over 10,000 times. In case you missed it, you can see the clip here.