An Ultrasound is a wonderfully useful tool to help with the care of your pregnancy.

Most pregnant mums and their partners find an Ultrasound a really enjoyable experience as they get to see visuals of the growing baby.

Some parents also indicate that viewing their baby via ultrasound aids with bonding to their unborn baby.

It is wise to remember ultrasound is performed with an important purpose in mind: to check if various problems are occurring with your baby.

For example, assessment of foetal growth and wellbeing can be undertaken as an adjunct to clinical examination.

Detailed scanning of foetal body parts is usual between 19 and 21 weeks gestation. Ultrasound at this time is performed to check that the structural formation of your baby (or babies) appears to be normal.

Your doctor is also likely to suggest an ultrasound following any episodes of bleeding. The ultrasound allows the doctor to check on the overall wellbeing of your pregnancy.

Ultrasound is extremely safe for you and your baby and has been in clinical use since the 1970s.

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