This week we had the Trustees of Mary Aikenhead Ministries (TMAM) visit our East Melbourne hospital to connect with the management team in person and to ensure our mission is alive and well. TMAM regularly embark on a series of stewardship visits to colleges, hospitals, research institutes and facilities within Mary Aikenhead ministries.

We took this opportunity to present our highlights from the last 12 months and we also had an open discussion of each site’s challenges, strengths and opportunities.

We then took the Trustees to tour the new areas and refurbished units at East Melbourne. The Trustees had the opportunity to observe the lively vibe of the hospital and witness our staff’s enthusiasm and charism. They also had the privilege of meeting one of our patients, Chris. This is Chris’ second visit, she had her left knee done 4 years ago, and is back to get her other knee repaired. The Trustees were pleased to know that Chris’ care has been nothing but outstanding.


TMAM Trustees with SVPHM Senior Leadership Team

Dr Tessa Ho (The Chair and Trustee of TMAM) and David Alcock (Trustee) visiting patient Chris

L-R: TMAM Trustees; Janet Freeman, David Alcock, Dr Tessa Ho and Linda Ferrington rsc blessing our team

May your work of ministry excite your heart, kindle in your mind creativity to journey beyond the old limits.

May this ministry challenge you towards new frontiers that will emerge as you begin to approach them,
calling forth from you the full force and depth of your undiscovered gifts.

May the call to ministry fit the rhythms of your soul, enabling you to draw from the invisible: new ideas and a vision that will inspire. 

Remember to be kind to those who work with you, endeavour to remain aware of the quiet world that lives behind each face. 

Be fair in your expectations, compassionate in your criticism.

May you have the grace of encouragement to awaken the gift in the other’s heart, building in them the confidence to follow the call of the gift. 

May you come to know that work which emerges from the mind of love will have beauty and form. 

May this ministry be worthy of the energy of your heart and the light of your thought. 

May your ministry assume a proper space in your life; instead of owning or using you. May it challenge and refine you, bringing you every day further into the wonder of your heart. 


Adopted from "Benedictus, A Book of Blessings" by John O'Donohue