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Birth Plans

Some women wish to complete a birth plan prior to going into labour. A birth plan is a way for you to communicate with your midwives and Obstetrician about what you would like or not like to happen during your labour. Often these birth plans are written early in your [...]

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Vitamin D Deficiency in Pregnancy

The importance of adequate levels of vitamin D in our bodies is only just being appreciated in recent times. Vitamin D is one of those vitamins that helps maintain healthy bone and muscle strength. It helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphate, minerals also important for the development of [...]

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Information about Listeria Infection

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant there are some foods that should be avoided because of the risk of listeria infection. Listeria infection is rare and is caused by bacteria known as listeria monocytogenes found in food contaminated with this bacteria. While it is rare, there are people who [...]

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Alcohol in Pregnancy

The question of drinking alcohol when pregnant is reported in the media on a fairly consistent basis. At times some women may find the information released about drinking alcohol and its affects on pregnancy to be confusing. The reason for this confusion is that there is no “safe level” of [...]

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What is Pelvic Instability?

Pelvic Instability is the name that describes a group of conditions that cause pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy. It is a reasonably common problem, varying in severity and, for that reason, can be overlooked by both the medical practitioner and the woman  and undertreated in pregnancy. After delivery it can [...]

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Bleeding in Early Pregnancy – Q and A

Sometimes women experience bleeding in the first trimester of their pregnancy. In this post, Dr Boski Shah answers some common questions about bleeding in early pregnancy. What is early pregnancy bleeding? When vaginal bleeding occurs in a pregnant patient carrying <12 weeks of pregnancy, it is called early pregnancy bleeding. [...]

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When your pregnancy is overdue

The average length of a pregnancy is 40 weeks, counted from the first day of your last menstrual period. If your pregnancy continues beyond 42 weeks, you are considered to be overdue. The concerns about being overdue are discussed in a previous post here. The options available to a woman [...]

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