We have submitted 13 entries for the SVHA 2018 Innovation & Excellence Awards. That is four entries more than last year! It’s thrilling to know there is so much great work happening within Melbourne’s private division. I’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate all of these outstanding initiatives and thank all those who’ve worked hard to push the benchmark of excellence in patient care.

Finalists in each category will be invited to the Innovation and Excellence forum and gala presentation dinner in Melbourne on 25 September 2018. Good luck!

Here’s the list of entries from SVPHM:


A loved one’s grief, our mission to accompany the poor and vulnerable

Category: Leaders in Catholic Healthcare and service to the poor and vulnerable

Department: Pastoral Care

Participants: Julie Wain, Tony Williams, Pastoral Care Coordinator

Establishment of bereaved families’ memorial service at SVPHM on All Soul’s Day to help families know their loved one was valued and loved by our teams, and not forgotten.


Antimicrobial Stewardship Mobile App 

Category: Clinical innovation

Department: Pharmacy

Participants: Jeannine Loh, Dr. John Daffy, Dr. Jonathan Darby, A/Prof Peter Stanley, Michelle Battye, Carolyn Moore, Adrian Wong

Improve antimicrobial prescriptions across SVPHM by converting our guidelines into a mobile medical app.


Catholic Identity and Mission and nursing practice- A case study

Category: Best people in health and ageing

Department: Nursing Research

Participant: Karen-Leigh Edward

Investigation of Catholic Identity and Mission communication specifically how nurses were expressing the Catholic Healthcare values in practice.


Goal Alignment- Operationalising Inspired by You

Category: Growth and sustainability

Department: Inspired by You

Participant: Carolyn Moore

The introduction of Leader Evaluation Manager® (LEM) program as a tactic to support our Inspired by You program, which allows alignment of departmental goals with the wider SVPHM organisation goals and strategic plan.


Inspired Magazine

Category: Leading reputation

Department: Marketing

Participants: Claire Hewitt, Veni Jee

Inspired, a quarterly magazine introduced to keep our staff and patients up to date with the latest hospital and health news. This custom magazine is also a great platform for us to showcase our hospitals’ excellence.


Introducing Mandarin Maternity Services

Category: Growth and sustainability

Department: Marketing

Participants: Claire Hewitt, Veni Jee

With approximately 160,000 Chinese living in Victoria and 190,000 Victorians speaking Mandarin at home, we introduced a new service to cater to our Mandarin speaking maternity patients. SVPHM became the first private hospital in Melbourne to offer holistic maternity care in Mandarin.


Level 5 ‘The Puzzle’

Category: Growth and sustainability

Department: East Melbourne

Participant: Shaune Gillespie

It was identified there was an unmet need in the community for Inpatient Rehabilitation Services, as such East Melbourne expanded the current Inpatient Rehabilitation Service from 17 beds to 24 beds. This also resulted in the relocation of Sleep Studies, Urology and Day Oncology and Infusion Services from level five to new areas within the hospital. The Day Oncology Infusion Service was increased from 5 chairs to 8 chairs. Relocation of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Service to Level 5 has allowed the expansion of St Vincent’s Kids Ward to twenty two beds.


Medication safety Vests- Kew

Category: Clinical improvement

Department: Kew Nursing Services

Participants: Maree Mendola, Sarah Mott

The introduction of vests that nursing staff wear during the checking, preparation, administration and documentation phases of managing S8 medications was introduced as a visual aid to alert others, in effort to reduce the distraction and/or interruption of nurses during the delivery of S8 medications.


Parental Enhancement Program

Category: Person centred care

Department: Fitzroy Maternity Ward

Participants: Michelle Cambrey, Karen McNiell, Leisa Powel-Wicki, Judelle McFarland

The Parental Enhancement Program was introduced to parents 4-6 weeks post-delivery, with the aim to normalise parenthood by providing tools and tactic’s for parents to manage at home and provide the parents with a greater level of confidence.


Sharp Harm Minimisation

Category: Best people in health and ageing

Department: Infection Prevention

Participant: Michelle Battye

Due to a high rate of sharp related injuries, the Infection Prevention Team took to initiating sharp harm minimisation strategies which includes; incident investigation, collaboration with key stake holders, safety alerts, education and product review and development.


The Embrace Program: Growing together

Category: Growth and sustainability

Department: Fitzroy Maternity Ward

Participants: Leisa Powel-Wicki, Penny Clarke, Michelle Walsh

The Embrace program was developed to promote sustainable growth in a new market through the adoption of an innovative midwife/obstetrician shared-care model; aligning safe outcomes, facilitating consumer choice, enhancing partnerships and increasing participant satisfaction. The model is unique in the private sector, providing an alternative pathway for families to access our service.


Translating Evidence into Practice- Development of the SVPHM Acute Stroke Protocol

Category: Clinical improvement

Department: Fitzroy Neurosciences Ward

Participants: Christine Holland, Sarah Gilmore, Graeme Gonzales, Sarah Cutajar, Lucas Mayhew, Meron Mesghinna, Carolyn Barraclough, Kylie Bowen, Katherine Adams

Through multidisciplinary teamwork and multi-site collaboration, two documents have been developed: 1. The Acute Stroke Protocol, and 2. The Stroke Management Guideline. These documents ensure that all strokes are treated as a time critical medical emergency that require transfer to a National Stroke Centre.


5th Floor Patient Rounding Project

Category: Clinical improvement

Department: Fitzroy Neurosciences Ward

Participants: Ruby Crane, Christine Holland, Charmayne Thompson, Neuroscience Nursing department

Patient Rounding is a systematic proactive nursing intervention to anticipate and address the needs of patients whilst in hospital during regular hourly visits to reduce fall rates and increasing patient satisfaction.