At St Vincent’s Private Hospital, our dedication to you and your newborn does not end when you leave the hospital. We are one of the few hospitals in Victoria to offer holistic midwifery support that provides continuity of care from pregnancy through to the postpartum period; Antenatal, Preadmission, Birth, Postnatal Ward Education, and Postnatal Parenting Education.

The Postnatal Parenting Education which is offered to parents up to 6 weeks post birth provides expert advice, parenting tips, life-changing insights, tools and techniques to help parents be more confident and knowledgeable when caring for their baby.

Michelle Cambrey, one of our highly-trained midwives heads this program. With 19 years of experience with babies and children, Michelle is passionate about helping families normalising newborn behaviour, providing simple techniques in helping with settling and sleep, which is very beneficial when transitioning to parenthood.

“Sometimes the unknown is a daunting territory for new parents and also for families with a new baby and the adjusting toddler. This program is created to provide support to our women and families to cope with the new adjustment of family life” – Michelle Cambrey.

The sessions are designed to strengthen women’s mental health which will positively contribute to an infant’s development and reinforce family ties.

These are the general topics covered in our Postnatal Parenting Education and the benefits you’ll receive from it:

  • Transition from postnatal ward to home support up to 6 weeks
  • Normalising newborn behaviour
  • Education on normal sleep patterns and cycles for babies
  • Tips and techniques for sleep settling
  • Cluster feeding and breastfeeding support
  • Tips on how to manage colic, reflux, wind issues
  • Infant massage techniques
  • Women’s health

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For more information regarding the program, speak to any of our midwives.