As a midwife, Tanya knew all the risks associated with having a premature baby.

Being informed about something doesn’t prevent it from happening, but it can help you manage.

In January of 2015, Tanya’s waters broke and she was subsequently admitted to the maternity ward at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy. The timing of Tanya’s admission came as a surprise as she was only 32 weeks in to her pregnancy. For the next 10 days Tanya was subjected to extensive bed rest to try and prevent labour and allow her unborn baby more time to develop and strengthen. Whilst confined to her bed Tanya was monitored around the clock by St Vincent’s Private nursing staff. They worked to maintain the consistency of Tanya’s vitals and ensure her baby was safe and healthy.

On the 3rd of February Tanya gave birth to her first child, a baby boy called Benjamin. The delivery was straightforward and there were no immediate complications for either the mother or her child. Moments after waking from his first sleep, Benjamin was crying and looking to feed; both positive indications towards his general health. Weighing a mere 2000g and being approximately 6 weeks early, Benjamin was placed into the care of St Vincent’s Private Special Care Nursery (SCN). Here he was placed on IV antibiotics to protect him while he was most susceptible to infection and he was fed through nasogastric tubes. Due to the physical toll of delivering Benjamin, Tanya received steroid injections to try and improve the proficiency of her own lungs.


For 3 weeks Benjamin was intensively monitored and cared for in the SCN. This period proved strenuous and emotional for Tanya. She was recovering from the delivery and experiencing the emotion of becoming a mother while being unable to be in constant and immediate contact with Benjamin. Tanya would come to the SCN everyday during Benjamin’s 3-week stay and relish in the limited contact they were allowed.

1 month after discharge from St Vincent’s Private Hospital, on the date originally predicted for his birth, Benjamin returned for his final check up. He was given the all clear and left St Vincent’s a healthy and energetic little boy. Currently, Benjamin is passionate about balls and all the ways he can have fun (and cause a little headache for Tanya) with them.


Tania is also one of our wonderful midwives, working in delivery suite, assisting Mums to birth their babies everyday. We are thrilled to have Tanya back working on the ward with us, and to see Benjamin wearing his St Vincent’s Private Baby t-shirt!