Knowing that so many people have trouble even getting pregnant, we felt truly blessed to learn that we were having our first child so quickly.


My pregnancy was wonderful, I felt well and happy, I had no morning sickness and it was a pretty easy pregnancy, I planned to work as long as I could because I was feeling so well.

Then at 38 weeks gestation I went into work for a normal day, not to know it was to be my last day of work before becoming a Mumma.

That day I went into labour. So here I was on the 13th day of the 12th month 2013 at 6 pm after a crazy day in the labour suites with our beautiful new baby boy in my arms.

Tristan Tommy Maros was born exactly two weeks to the day early, taking me quite by surprise.

Even though he arrived two weeks early, Tristan was born at the healthy (big to me) size of 3.7kgs, or 8 pound 4 and was 51.5cm long.

He was born in such a calm relaxed environment at St Vincent’s Private Hospital (the same place I was born myself) and at all times my husband Roby and I felt like we were getting the best care possible.

My obstetrician was Dr John How and I couldn’t have been happier. His warm nature made me feel so comfortable and he made sure, along with my beautiful midwifes that I was comfortable the whole time.

The following day was when we had all our of our additional health checks. Tristan was checked over by the midwives first and then by his Paediatrician Dr John Mills.

It was at this moment that Dr Mills shared with us the news that Tristan had something extra.

Tristan had a special gift of an extra chromosome.

Our son was diagnosed with T21, which is also known as Downs Syndrome.

His diagnosis came as a shock at first.

We had had the usual scans which showed everything was fine, it was during my 20 week scan that Tristan’s heart was picked up as having ‘a hole’ in it. From there I saw a paediatric cardiologist and at 22 weeks gestation we had further scans on Tristan’s heart to confirm all was fine, our chances of having a baby with any form of syndrome were extremely remote and there was certainly no need to have additional testing of any kind.

While at first we were shocked to hear the news from Dr Mills, nothing changed the way we felt about our little boy who was already one of the most  loved boys on the block!

The nurses, midwives and lactation consultants at St Vincent’s Private were amazing, their support and advice was available as I needed it and I am not sure what I would have done without them.

Tristan is now six months old and he is thriving! He is in the 75th percentile for his weight, he is a total chatterbox (like his Mum) and nothing in this world is going to hold our son back. Tristan, like all babies, is an absolute gift to us and already we can’t even remember what life was like without having this special and wonderful person in it.

My husband Roby and I live everyday with our son like there is no tomorrow, we can always ask questions of why or what if, but we realise that in life we can always ask questions but there are never enough answers.

We were chosen to look after this wonderful boy and we would not have it any other way.

Tristan is a blessing in disguise not just for Roby and I but for our entire family and group of friends. He will show everyone the true meaning of love, as he has done already at only six months old.


We would like to say thank you to Crystal and Roby Maros for sharing the story of Tristan’s birth with us.