It was pretty exciting finding out that I was having twins!

My pregnancy went pretty well, I felt fit and healthy and mostly excited about the arrival of my much waited for babies.

My Obstetrician ordered some routine scans when I was 32 weeks gestation. Initially we were hoping to make it to 37 weeks, however the results from the scans at 32 weeks indicated that the blood flow was compromised and that the twins would be best delivered at 35 weeks.

Just prior to the birth of my daughter Leni and son Beckett, I also had a lot of swelling and my blood pressure was in the ‘high zone’. Once the twins were safely delivered they went off to Special Care Nursery to be monitored and receive a little bit of extra care, at 4 pd 6 and 4 pound 3, they were doing really well.

It was a different story for me!

My blood pressure just wasn’t returning to what it should be and after a few days of constant observations from both my obstetrician and the nursing staff, plus medications to help reduce my blood pressure, a physician from the St Vincent’s Private Adult ICU came in to see me and decided it was time I went and spent some time in the ICU ward.

I spent the next 24 hours in ICU until I was well enough to go back to the ward.

The experience highlighted for me the very important aspect of post birth care. There seems to be a lot of information about the actual birth of a baby but the importance of having qualified carers post birth is also vital.

Leni and Beckett grew quickly in SCN and we were able to take them home after just a few weeks.

Thank you to Georgie and her family for sharing their story.