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Date with a Doctor: Mr Mark Blackney

My blog posts are often about the running of the hospital and the staff we have providing care and attention to our patients. A crucial part of this team is our doctors. In this new series on the blog – Date with a Doctor – I’ll be chatting with doctors and surgeons [...]

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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November each year is dedicated to raising awareness of pancreatic cancer. We have a team of specialists who are dedicating themselves to improving the diagnosing and staging of pancreatic cancer allowing them to begin treatment earlier and provide improved management to each patient individually. Simon Banting, Brett Knowles and Adrian Fox [...]

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A men’s guide to the Third Trimester: week 28-40

The baby can feel very heavy towards the end of pregnancy. The tiredness and irritability of the early weeks of pregnancy often returns, and your partner may start to feel frightened about the birth. If your partner is anxious, encourage her to talk about it. If you can learn to [...]

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A men’s guide to the Second Trimester: week 13-27

Welcome to the second trimester! Often, the second trimester is the best of all three. Most early pregnancy symptoms will likely ease up. Typically the nausea subsides, her energy level should be picking up, emotions may even out, and sex drive could potentially return. Between 16 and 20 weeks your [...]

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Remembrance and New Life

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. This day is marked in remembrance of those who have died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts. Across our three  sites, an Executive visits all our Veteran inpatients. At Fitzroy, our DVA liaison Cath O’Hehir, Mission Integration Manager Julie Wain and I took time today [...]

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Introducing the AIRO, life changing technology.

Last week, we became the first hospital in Victoria to use the Brain Lab AIRO surgical navigation system. AIRO is an intra operative CT scanner. This means that instead of a patient having to travel to and from a traditional CT machine pre, post or during surgery, all scans can [...]

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