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A healthy brain – the what, why and how?

For many parts of our body, the ‘what, why and how’ to keeping them healthy is all very straightforward and obvious. When it comes to our brains however, it’s perhaps a little less so. That’s not to say that it’s any less important. While there are some common risk factors [...]


How your shoes could be damaging your feet

‘Those high heels/thongs/flats/wedges will ruin your feet!’ Sound familiar? Yep, we’ve all heard the warnings about ill-fitting shoes and the damage they can cause (often from our own mothers!). But for many of us, the temptation of fashions’ latest leather and mesh pumps, wedge heel sneakers or satin pointy toe [...]


The Nuts and Bolts of Bowel Cancer Screening

The rapid evolution of bowel cancer screening and colonoscopic surveillance guidelines continues to create confusion in primary health care. The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP) has been designed to screen for bowel cancer among Australians aged 50-74. What? From 2018 to 2020, every person aged 50 to 74 years [...]

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Returning to exercise after having your baby

There are numerous reasons why regular exercise is important for our bodies and minds throughout every life stage and the postnatal period is no different.  Regular Exercise aids in recovery, muscle strengthening, promotes social interaction and psychological wellbeing, just to name a few. However, what does differ at this stage [...]

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