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A men’s guide to the First Trimester: week 1-12

There are heaps of materials out there to help mums-to-be cope with the unfamiliarity of pregnancy, childbirth and their journey to motherhood. Here’s an essential guide for new dads to know more about pregnancy and some suggestions on how to keep you and your partner fit and healthy. Finding out [...]

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East Melbourne Oncology Services

A new purpose built Oncology Infusion Service has opened at our East Melbourne site. The new Oncology service is co located with our services for patients needing breast or plastic surgery. It includes eight new electronically operated recliner chairs in beautiful, light filled surrounds and is a welcoming place for [...]

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HIS – Creating An Electronic Patient Record

Since the middle of 2016 the ‘Health Information Services’ team have been quietly changing the way that St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne operates and creating a path by which St Vincent’s Private Hospitals throughout Australia are soon to follow. With an ever growing store of traditional, paper based histories, SVPHM [...]

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Is pregnancy brain a ‘thing’?

Forgetfulness during pregnancy is called ‘pregnancy brain’ or sometimes called ‘mumnesia’, and it is completely normal and common. You may find yourself having trouble remembering where you placed your house keys or if you’ve locked the car door. Concentrating might be a struggle too. The good news is, this is [...]

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St Vincent’s Kids

This week I have an update from the Paediatrics ward at East Melbourne, which is now referred to as St Vincent’s Kids. Our research showed that parents rarely refer to children’s health providers as paediatric services, nor do they seek information about paediatric hospitals, instead they use the term ‘children’ [...]

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