Patients requiring care and assistance on our neuroscience ward have a wide range of medical needs. They can come to us after falling from a height and receiving a head injury, they might need to use our dedicated epilepsy monitoring rooms so that we can see how they react to changes in medication and for us to closely manage their progress post surgery.  Other patients will have been diagnosed with brain tumours and have had subsequent surgery while many patients now receive minimally invasive spinal surgery for a range of conditions.

For each patient visit, the St Vincent’s Private Neuroscience Nurses are there to provide the best levels of patient care possible.  The majority of our nursing team has or is working towards post graduate qualifications in neuroscience, giving us one of the most qualified neuro nursing teams of any private hospital in Australia.  With such a highly skilled team it should be no surprise that our nursing staff have won awards for the last three years for their work in neuroscience nursing.

There is no typical patient on the neuro ward. A nurse may be required to care for a young person with a brain tumour in one room and an elderly patient having spinal surgery in the next. In recent years we have continued to care for a growing number of patients who are having deep brain stimulation for the treatment of Parkinson’s or other tremor diseases.  In the next few years we will introduce further technology, including Brain Lab, which will again change the way of brain and spinal surgery for future patients, providing intra operative 3 D imaging and precision navigation.

In addition to the care on the ward, the team is also heavily involved in connecting with our mission and values. Ruby Crane, ANUM, has previously taken community leave to go and work in Indonesia and is currently planning a return trip. During her time in Indonesia, Ruby worked with a team who had hoped to care for up to 60 patients per day, however the demand for their expertise was so great they saw over 100 each day, with a total of 800 local people receiving health assistance over a week.

A celebration was held this week for the annual Neuroscience Nurses Day, at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne we certainly have many reasons to say thank you to our Neuro nursing team, and their ongoing commitment to be the best neuro nursing team in the country.