Although your nappy bag is probably already overflowing, when it gets warm in Victoria, there are a few more essential items to add.

1. SLIP in some sun protective clothing so your baby’s delicate skin can be protected from the sun’s harsh UV. Choose cool, loose fitting clothing made from densely woven fabric.

2. SLOP on some SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen. Carry a tube around with you so it can be easily reapplied. Try a sensitive or toddler formula and test it on a small patch of skin before applying it to those other small areas of skin not covered by clothing. Reapply it throughout the day if your baby will remain in the sun.

3. SLAP on a hat. Choose a wide brimmed, bucket or legionnaire style so it shades the face, neck and ears. Baseball style caps may look cute but don’t provide enough protection from the sun.

4. SEEK shade. Use a pram cover to help protect your baby from direct and indirect UV. UV can be reflected off footpaths, walls, windows and sand so keep your baby well covered even in the shade. Choose shady play spaces or take some shade with you.

5. SLIDE on some sunglasses. If practical, help protect your child’s eyes using sunglasses labelled AS 1067. Make sure you check the label so you know they are helping to protect from the sun’s UV. Toy sunglasses don’t help at all.

You should also Download SunSmart’s free app so you know when you do and don’t need sun protection each day. The sun protection times are also available at or in the weather section of the newspaper.

Remember to pop your own sun protection gear in the bag too.



Image Credit: Joolz Prams