Many women, after a normal birth, and with some time to rest and recover, will be able to walk from the delivery room to the postnatal ward. While this happens often this doesn’t happen for everyone, but you should be up and about walking on the same day as your baby’s birth.

The midwives will likely encourage you to get up and walk around a little bit to assist your body’s circulation, but they will also encourage you to rest and recuperate with frequent small rests after your baby’s birth. The general rule after delivery is that when your baby sleeps, you should rest as well, as many women find the waking for night feeding and its subsequent interrupted sleep pattern will make them very tired in the coming days. Interrupted sleep is something all mothers get used to in time, but following this general rule for “snoozing” helps.

If you have had a caesarean section, you will be helped to get up the next day for a shower and periods of short ambulation. Many women are scared about the pain of when they first get out of bed but with adequate analgesia and the midwives’ help, this process is often easier than imagined. It is important to get out of bed for several reasons;

  • Humans are not made for lying still for too long and can develop chest infections, clots, urinary problems and other potential problems if left lying still for too long
  • Many women suffer pain which is exacerbated by stiffness from lying still. Once out of bed and showered, you often feel much better and find that you are far more comfortable and able to ambulate gently yourself. This helps you gain access to bond with your new baby.