There does not seem to be a medically proven time when a couple should wait before resuming having sex but we traditionally say to wait approximately six weeks or until after your postnatal check. This allows a woman time to heal and her body to start to return to its pre-pregnant state. By this time many women are also starting to develop some type of a routine, feel they are regaining some control of their lives, possibly getting a bit more sleep, so that they will feel more like being romantic with their partner.

There is also a lot to be said for cuddling and kissing and just being proud of the little miracle you have given birth to.

Some women feel sexy and are keen to have sex so that is fine.

Some women find they are exhausted or too focused on their new baby and want to wait and that is fine too

If the question you need answered is “Can I do any damage to my body by having sexual intercourse? No, is probably the answer, provided you let pain be your guide.

Some women may experience pain when they first restart sexual relations and partners can adjust to accommodate. It is important to remember, however, that painful intercourse that continues is not normal and your Doctor will want you to inform them of it so that things can be checked out.

Just remember, there is no question too embarrassing to consult with your doctor,  relationships and a healthy sex life are very important.


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