The Easter celebration is a very important week in the Christian calendar.

This week we have held four beautiful Easter services, one at each of our hospital sites for our staff to attend, allowing a moment to reflect during Holy Week.

Many of us have our own traditions that we weave into our families lives that become a part of our Easter celebrations.

I personally join with my wife’s family as we travel to Yarrawonga, which has grown to 28 family and friends, nieces and nephews. This has occurred over the last 30+ years as we gather at the Easter tennis tournament. We join together to enjoy each other’s company, support each other in our tennis matches and enjoy the days.  Some of us attend the Saturday evening Vigil mass and Sunday is filled with chocolate eggs.

Our staff and patients come from a wonderfully diverse mix of cultures and traditions, I asked three of them how they choose to celebrate the Easter break to learn more about what others do.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the staff who are working at the hospital over this holiday period and serving our patients with care and compassion.  

What does Easter mean to you?

Easter at St VincentsMary Firmin – Manager of Continuum of Care

Easter is more enjoyable for me than Christmas. I love Easter food, it’s a good time of the year weather wise, with four days of holiday it’s more relaxing so it’s a good opportunity to catch up with friends.

It’s like I’m in seventh heaven. My parents were very religious and they’ve made a big emphasis on the significance of the day so I keep to the tradition every year in memory of them. No meat on Good Friday, no hot cross buns before Good Friday, and I even go to the extent of replicating mum’s cod fish with white sauce, mash potato and peas ever Easter.




Obstetrician Miranda RobinsonDr Miranda Robinson – Obstetrician

It’s time off.

This means quality time with the family and a good excuse to feast and indulge. It’s heading into winter, so it’s a cosy time of the year that’s why I make it a tradition to get my kids new winter pyjamas and slippers for their Easter present.

And we’re all allowed to have Easter bunny eggs for breakfast.




Robert Muscat – Chemotherapy patient at Fitzroy Day Infusion UnitChemotherapy patient at St Vincents Private 

Time off and good weather means the perfect time to fish!

I love fishing.

But besides fishing, I enjoy having my grandkids over and going Easter egg hunting with them.





This Easter, on Good Friday our Food Services Team will serve Hot Cross Buns to each patient and staff to enjoy. If you’re going away for the Easter weekend, please travel safely and allow plenty of time to arrive at your destination.