St Vincent’s Private is currently taking part in a research project being run by University of Melbourne and RMIT University called ‘Happy Feet’.

The research is working on developing novel footprint recognition technology to support vaccine delivery in the developing world.

It is currently difficult to obtain accurate information about a child’s vaccine status for immunisation programs in developing countries, as parent-held records are easily lost and/or damaged. The vision of this research is to use an infant’s footprint as a unique identifier to help immunisers know what vaccines children need.

The first step is to ensure that babies can be accurately re-identified from a newborn footprint over a period of rapid growth in the first six months of their life. To assist with this the researchers will be studying the footprints of 100 babies at St Vincent’s Private Hospital.

This study is being funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. If you are having your baby with us at St Vincent’s and would like your baby to take part in the research, please contact:

Paula Nathan on 0408 993 032 or

Jodie McVernon on 8344 0633 or 0408 518425 or


The research has been completed and the team at RMIT have put together a short video to further explain this important research.