It is important for nursing mothers to receive breastfeeding support, whether that’s from your health professionals, family, friends or partners.

Studies show that if partners are supportive of breastfeeding, the mum is ten times more likely to succeed!

Here are five things Dads can do to support breastfeeding partners:

  • At feed times, allow your partner to stay in bed, get bubs up and hand him to her for breastfeeding. Change the nappy between sides, help with burping and that all important upright time and settling before back to bed (remember, you wouldn’t want to lie down straight after a milkshake either!)
  • A breastfeeding mum is often quite thirsty, so make sure her water bottle is kept full.
  • The neck and shoulder area can become quite tight if a Mum is constantly lifting her baby up to the breast, a gentle rub before or during feeds is always appreciated.
  • If your partner is worried about something breastfeeding related but perhaps too upset to talk to anyone, call the 24-hour Breastfeeding Helpline, plenty of Dads do – 1800 686 268.
  • Help your partner to relax and keep calm. Panicking doesn’t help anyone. You are the best parents your baby could have, and reassure your partner of that, often! Sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded and told you’re a good mum.