It all started in May of 2008, my wife Janine and I had our first overseas holiday booked to Europe. We had saved our money for this for quite some time, our trip of a lifetime.

Leading up to this time, I was feeling tired at times and wasn’t always feeling my best. Janine, kept telling me to go to the doctors for a check-up, I had never been sick before, so I would ignore her, saying “yep no problems” (A bloke thing I suppose).

After a couple of months of still feeling lethargic, I decided to book in an appointment to my local doctors. After some blood tests, it was found that I had had Renal Failure and that I was in real trouble, he said that I had to attend to the RMH immediately.

Adrian and his mum, Thelma, in the Gold Coast to see Collingwood Play.

After attending the Hospital the next morning, I had loads of tests done, and then upon getting my results, I was told that I needed a Kidney Transplant ASAP. The function of my kidney was so low, and they couldn’t understand how I was even getting out of bed, let alone going to work and playing Tennis at night.

We spoke to the doctors in charge of the Transplants, about going on our Holiday to Europe in July 2008. They explained how urgent this transplant was saying that you can go, but you won’t come back home and that we should cancel the trip. (Wow, we were in total shock)

Janine and my mother Thelma, both put their hands up to Donate one of their Kidneys, they had tests done to see who had the better match. In the end, Thelma was the obvious choice, and the transplant was to proceed ASAP.

After numerous tests were completed to ensure that Mums kidney was functioning correctly, as she would only have one kidney, after she donates her kidney, it went ahead.

In October 2008, the Transplant of the Kidney went ahead, mums went into the operating theatre first for the removal of the kidney and then I went in about 1 hour later.

After the healing process, and a few weeks the new kidney (my gift of Life) started to function extremely well, I couldn’t believe the difference I felt, I had heaps more energy, and I was able to do more things than I could do before, that I didn’t even realise.

And YES, we did get to go on Europe trip – all three of us, Janine, Thelma and myself in June 2010 for 8 weeks. The year my Magpies won the Premiership, I was back in time to go to all the Finals with Mum, and the big one. We still go to the football together every week, except ATM with COVID-19, with an even stronger bond than ever. I also attended the Australian Transplant games in November 2010 in Canberra and represented Victoria, we won the overall points to take out the Dr Victor Chang Challenge Trophy.

It’s now been 12 years on October 28th, and I couldn’t be happier, so please Donate Life.                  

You just don’t know what is around the corner.

Thank you, mum.

Adrian Brown

Adrian and his mum, Thelma, with Premiership Captain in 2010
Victoria Transplant Team 2010