Did you know that hip dysplasia isn’t always present at birth? That’s why it is called Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH)

Assoc Prof Leo Donnan strongly suggests that parents keep their routine Child Health Check appointments where a nurse trained in the detection of hip dysplasia will, as part of the normal checks, make sure that your child’s hips are normal.

Sometimes abnormal skin folds, leg length difference and hip stiffness are due to hip dysplasia and may need further investigation. Under the age of six months hip ultrasound performed in specialised paediatric hip centres is appropriate whilst after that age Xray’s can be taken.

Every child should be checked up until the age of three and a half years as early diagnosis and treatment is important to prevent osteoarthritis in adulthood, says Assoc Prof Donnan

If your child needs further examination or treatment for hip dysplasia, make an appointment with Assoc Prof Leo Donnan by ringing +61 3 9322 3330 or email donnan.office@vicortho.com.au directly.