This Sunday is Father’s Day in Australia.

Father’s day is a celebration to recognise the importance of paternal bonds. Father’s Day started in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd in Spokane Washington, USA. Her father, William Jackson Smart, was a veteran of the Civil War, and a single parent who raised six children. Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries on various dates between February and December, interestingly the most common date is the 3rd Sunday in June.

At St Vincent’s Private  Hospital we recognise the importance of fathers and value the attendance of fathers at antenatal classes. Father’s should always feel free to ask questions during any educational classes.

We acknowledge the importance of the support that father’s provide to their partners in many ways, sometimes it may be helping to settle a crying baby or maybe it is ensuring that the car seats are fitted appropriately and safely, a father’s positive support to a  breastfeeding Mum is also be very beneficial.

It is always useful to know that the expected date for delivery is just that, “expected” and often is not the exact date. Having a new baby means that schedules need to be flexible and parents adaptable, this is often where fathers can be very supportive.

Often fathers wish to stay with their partner and new baby after the birth. We encourage fathers to stay with their partners if possible. At St Vincent’s Private hospital we can accommodate this request as we are in a unique position to offer only private rooms.

Wishing all Dad’s a happy Father’s Day.