After a break last year, I am back raising awareness and critical funds for the St Vincent’s de Paul- Vinnies CEO sleep out on the 21 June 2018.

With such busy lives, it is difficult to find the time to see beyond ourselves and any personal issues. After doing the sleep out in 2014, 2015 and 2016, I need to respond to our collective conscious and participate again in 2018. With 725,000+ Victorians  living below the poverty line in Australia and 17.7% of all children are living below the poverty line in Australia, the need has never been more critical.

The need is to support volunteers of the St Vincent de Paul in Victoria who every day and night provide food, shelter and support to those at the margin of society.

Vinnies volunteers support people when they are experiencing social and/or financial hardship, and help alleviate the impacts of social isolation and poverty. Over 12,000 Vinnies volunteers in Victoria (2200 in the greater Geelong district) spend time with people on the frontline, face to face, to rebuild lives.

Together with over 200 other business leaders, I’m helping to raise $800,000 to support Vinnies’ local, volunteer-run community services. I will be joined by Julie Wain, Karen Clark and Sue Hallifax as part of the St Vincent’s Private Hospital Team and the group target is to raise $50,000.

In the past, I have been overwhelmed by the significant support of my colleagues at the hospital, friends, suppliers of St Vincent’s and family, and I hope you can put this on your list to support.

I know you receive countless requests for help and funding but can I remind you that St Vincent’s de Paul have one of the lowest cost to fundraising ratios. This means that the majority of funds go directly into helping the most needy in our community.

Please get behind this worthy cause.

Click on my profile link and contribute what you can to this invaluable cause.

God Bless St Vincent de Paul Society and the other participants in this challenge.