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St Vincent’s Sydney and Melbourne Perioperative Thermal Care Collaborative

The St Vincent’s Perioperative Thermal Care Collaborative is a joint project that is currently implementing and evaluating a thermal care bundle for the prevention of perioperative hypothermia in adult surgical patients. A care bundle comprises a small set of evidence-based recommendations that are expected to significantly improve patient outcomes when [...]

Wear Green for Premature Babies Awareness Day 2015

On Wednesday I was delighted to join L'il Aussie Prems Vice President Andrena Taylor and Treasurer, Carolyn Lindsey, at our Fitzroy campus to recognise Wear Green for Premature Babies Awareness Day. Wear Green for Premmies is run by the team of volunteers at the L’il Aussie Prems Foundation. The foundation raises awareness of premature birth and the [...]

International Women’s Day 2015: Domestic Violence Awareness Program

Last week I was fortunate to be able to attend the UN Women Australia International Women’s Day Breakfast in Melbourne. Panellists included UN Women Country Programme Coordinator, Mele Maualaivao, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Marcus Laithwaite, and Journalist and Author, Catherine Fox. Catherine Fox discussed the importance of making lasting change [...]

5000 Hearts at St Vincent’s Private Hospital

On Friday 3rd October 2014, the 5000th cardiac surgical procedure, a Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Replacement procedure, was successfully completed by Associate Prof Andrew Newcomb and Mr Philip Davis with Anaesthetist Phillipa Hore. The theatre team consisted of Bernardo Artillaga as scrub, Gemma Gulglielmi and Monica Slaviero as scouts, Vanda [...]

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Victorian First: Inserting World’s Smallest heart monitor

Dr Uwais Mohamed, an Electrophysiologist at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Melbourne was among the first experts in Australia to implant the world’s smallest heart monitor, an implantable cardiac monitor capable of wirelessly diagnosing potentially dangerous heart arrhythmias. This was the first time the heart monitor was implanted in Victoria outside of [...]

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