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St Vincent’s Private Melbourne first Victorian hospital to insert world’s smallest pacemaker

This week St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne were the first Victorian hospital and the first Australian private hospital to provide a patient with the world's smallest pacemaker. Patient Mr Graeme Layton received the new pacemaker on Tuesday May 30 during a procedure performed by Cardiologist at St Vincent's Health and Clinical Fellow [...]

Reducing the risk of Stroke

Reducing the risk of stroke and improving quality of life for patients with Atrial Fibrillation and treating more patients with life threatening or limiting arrhythmias. I am pleased to announce the expansion of our Electrophysiology (EP) & Cardiac Arrhythmia Treatment Service at the Cardiovascular Centre, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy. [...]

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GP Education at St Vincent’s Private Melbourne

St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne (SVPHM) is a hospital with a strong tradition of successfully combining the latest healthcare technology with patient care and we believe that the General Practitioner (GP) is pivotal in the continuum of this care. As part of our RACGP accredited clinical education program, which supports [...]

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