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Addressing the issues of domestic violence

When people arrive at our hospital for medical care, we have a responsibility to the health and wellbeing of that person. It’s more than simply providing excellent medical attention, it is also about caring for the whole person and many times their family or support people. Domestic Violence can affect any [...]

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Patients helping patients

Our hospital community is made up of our staff, doctors and most importantly our patients. I am often inspired by the stories of our patients and the things they do when they are diagnosed will an illness. Just a few weeks ago, patient Mark Pickthall was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and [...]

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White Ribbon Day

Earlier this year, St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) joined the growing number of organisations from corporate, non-profit and Government who have started their journey towards accreditation as White Ribbon Workplaces. In working towards accreditation, we have acknowledged that violence against women is a workplace issue and are leading by example [...]

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 2015

Even though over 3000 men and women will be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in Australia this year, the disease is still called the ‘silent killer’. Pancreatic Cancer gets this title due to its difficulty in detection until the disease is often well progressed. It is also rarely mentioned in the [...]

Providing psychiatric care to our patients

Many patients at St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne (SVPHM) experience some degree of psychological disturbance, whether due to the loss of control that goes with the patient role, the effects of illness and treatment or a pre-existing mental health problem, which is very common in the general community. Often these problems [...]

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