The 3 Types of Running Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore

Runners love to talk about running through the pain. And while a certain amount of tough love is necessary to make it to the finish line, running through real, injury-related pain is often the fastest way to the operating theatre. “The seeds of major, long-term injuries can be planted years [...]


Knee Injuries? A Runners Guide to Recovery

Pounding the pavement proved more of a health hazard than benefit? At the risk of sounding like a negative Nanna, looking after your injuries shouldn’t be an afterthought – it should be a priority. Mr Andrew Chia, specialist orthopaedic surgeon with St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne, says knee injuries are [...]


5 things everyone should know about ageing

We’re all for embracing our age and loving the ageing process; they’re called the golden years for a reason. But alas, ageing and degeneration can cause a range of conditions and diseases, including a host that affect our bones, muscles and joint health. Left untreated, these can lead to discomfort, [...]