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Dental care during pregnancy

 Dental care is an important part of your general health which can often be neglected when you are pregnant. Good dental health is particularly important during pregnancy as the hormone changes occurring at this time can affect your gums, making them more vulnerable to inflammatory gum disease, also known as [...]

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Foetal Monitoring

During your pregnancy it may become necessary for your baby to be monitored, with formalised electronic foetal monitoring. There are many reasons why your doctor may wish to monitor how your baby is going, the most common  reasons can include, If you are past your due date and your Obstetrican [...]

Travelling while pregnant

The Easter long weekend will soon be here and it  is a common time for families to go away to catch up with other family members or to take a break from work. It can be a time when you find yourself having to travel long distances. There are a few [...]

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BMI, Obesity and Pregnancy

Midwife Training is an important part of ensuring we have highly trained midwives to look after our Mums and their babies. Recently, one of our staff went to a conference to learn more about how to care for pregnant women (and their babies) who have a high BMI. We asked [...]

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