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Information about Listeria Infection

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant there are some foods that should be avoided because of the risk of listeria infection. Listeria infection is rare and is caused by bacteria known as listeria monocytogenes found in food contaminated with this bacteria. While it is rare, there are people who [...]

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Alcohol in Pregnancy

The question of drinking alcohol when pregnant is reported in the media on a fairly consistent basis. At times some women may find the information released about drinking alcohol and its affects on pregnancy to be confusing. The reason for this confusion is that there is no “safe level” of [...]

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What is Pelvic Instability?

Pelvic Instability is the name that describes a group of conditions that cause pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy. It is a reasonably common problem, varying in severity and, for that reason, can be overlooked by both the medical practitioner and the woman  and undertreated in pregnancy. After delivery it can [...]

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Returning to exercise after pregnancy

Safe exercise will help you to recover after pregnancy. It increases your overall fitness and will help you regain muscle strength, and even feel good too! Here are our tips for returning to exercise after pregnancy: Focus Number One. Pelvic floor exercise During pregnancy both hormones and the weight of [...]

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Exercise in Pregnancy

There are many benefits for women who exercise during pregnancy, including better weight control, improved mood and sense of well being and maintaining your pre-pregnancy fitness levels. Regular excercise may help prevent the onset of gestational diabetes (GDM), and usually becomes part of the management plan if you do develop [...]

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