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Pregnancy and Planes

A common question asked by pregnant women is “Am I allowed to travel by plane while I am pregnant?”   Dr Guy Skinner  has answered the question about pregnancy and planes for you All airlines have restrictions for pregnant women listed on their websites. It is important that you satisfy these [...]

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Hypnobirthing Classes at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Melbourne

Hypnobirthing is the name given to a style of birthing. At St Vincent's Private Maternity, we have midwives trained to provide the official Hypnobirthing Australia Workshops. The program has been developed with Australian women in mind, birthing in Australian hospitals. Through the skills and knowledge shared at our workshops you and your birthing [...]

Colds and Flu in Pregnancy

Colds and Flu are a common occurance in everyday life and overall have a minimal impact on the course of pregnancy and in most cases they just have to run their course. Ensure you take adequate care of yourself, remain hydrated, rest and eat healthily to assist in your recovery [...]

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