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Blood Type in Pregnancy

When you first visit your doctor to confirm your pregnancy your doctor will request a blood test. One of the things that will be confirmed in this first blood test will be your blood type, because your blood type in pregnancy is very important. Your blood type will be checked [...]

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What is a Placental Abruption?

  *Warning: If you think  you may be experiencing a placental abruption please call an ambulance.  A placental abruption is a very uncommon complication that normally occurs in the third trimester. It occurs when the placenta prematurely separates from the wall of the uterus. Most of the time placental abruption [...]

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Reduction in foetal weight during pregnancy

A baby’s growth and maturation varies throughout different times of the pregnancies progress. Rapid growth particularly occurs in the first 12 weeks and then again between 26-36 weeks gestation. The rapid growth in the first 12 weeks is often mirrored by the aches of the early growth, and incidental bleeding [...]

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What is Anterior Placenta?

When you become pregnant, at the time of implantation of the embryo the baby’s placenta attaches to the wall of the uterus. It attaches itself much like the moss on a rock and remains firmly adhered until after the baby is delivered. The uterus develops from the size of a [...]

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