Fear of giving birth

While pregnancy and the months preparing for the arrival of a new baby can be exciting and filled with joy, many mums to be also experience the feeling of being fearful about giving birth. Many of the fears regarding birth can be managed and being well informed and planning ahead [...]


Meet our Staff: Tania Thomasz

During her work at the Monash Medical Centre in 2008 Tania rotated through the neonatal unit. It was here that she discovered a profound passion for the care of newborns and infants. In 2013 Tania joined St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne and the Special Care Nursery has been better for it [...]

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Linea Nigra (Black Line)

Have you wondered what that dark line is that has developed between your umbilicus and pubic area during your pregnancy? It's linea nigra, the name simply means black line in Latin. The linea nigra is a darkening of the linea alba (or the white line) which occurs from about 23 weeks of [...]

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Restless legs in Pregnancy

Restless legs syndrome (also referred to as RLS) is very common in pregnancy and can vary from simply being a nuisance to severely disrupting sleep for some women. In some cases it may be associated with high blood pressure during pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, delivery by Caesarean section or depressed mood. 15-25% [...]

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