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Obstetrician: Dr Boski Shah

As a doctor I believe in providing excellent care to all of my patients. I believe in excellent patient care. I love my patients. I will do anything to make sure my patients are managed in the best possible way. I completed my Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (FRANZCOG) and [...]

Meet our Midwives: Jody Olorenshaw

Our midwives write many of the posts written on our blog. They are the same people who will be in the delivery room assisting you with the birth of your baby or looking after you once your baby is born. Our Meet our Midwives posts provide a chance to learn [...]

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Rooming in with your baby

Once you have delivered your baby there are many benefits to keeping him/her with you as much as possible. Rooming in with your baby is thought to improve your breast feeding success and general parenting skills. Having your baby with you more will help you to get to know your [...]

Dr Chris Russell

Dr Chris Russell is a private obstetrician and gynaecologist consulting at St Vincent’s Private, he has extensive experience caring for high-risk pregnancies. Chris works on a ‘continuity of care’ structure to ensure that his patients receive the highest level of attention possible by conducting all consultations himself throughout your pregnancy. [...]

Foetal Monitoring

During your pregnancy it may become necessary for your baby to be monitored, with formalised electronic foetal monitoring. There are many reasons why your doctor may wish to monitor how your baby is going, the most common  reasons can include, If you are past your due date and your Obstetrican [...]

Special Care Nursery

The birth of a premature or sick baby can be an anxious time for your whole family however, the caregivers in Special Care Nursery are dedicated to supporting you and your family throughout this time. Your first impression of Special Care Nursery may be that it is bright and busy. [...]

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PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

What is PCOS? PCOS is a condition that causes irregular or absent periods and elevated androgen (male hormone) levels which can cause acne, excess facial/body hair growth and male pattern hair thinning. The cause of PCOS is not completely understood.  It is thought that abnormal levels of a pituitary hormone [...]