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Meet our Staff: Seona Emanuelli

Seona has over 18 years clinical experience in Neonatal Intensive Care, training initially in  the United Kingdom at Southampton General Hospital for her surgical experience and then at Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney for Neonatal Medical medicine. In her role, Seona provides care to babies over 32 weeks gestation with [...]

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Obstetrician: Dr Vicki Nott

Obstetrician Dr Vicki Nott cares for women throughout their pregnancy and birth, and is qualified to look after both uncomplicated and high risk pregnancies. Vicki is also a Gynaecologist who practices in all areas of gynaecology, with a particular interest in pre-pregnancy counselling. We asked Dr Nott to tell us a [...]

Hypnobirthing Classes at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Melbourne

Hypnobirthing is the name given to a style of birthing. At St Vincent's Private Maternity, we have midwives trained to provide the official Hypnobirthing Australia Workshops. The program has been developed with Australian women in mind, birthing in Australian hospitals. Through the skills and knowledge shared at our workshops you and your birthing [...]