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Paediatric Theatre Experience: Recovery

What to expect in Recovery Once your child is finished in Theatre they will move to Recovery. Every child responds differently to anaesthesia, this could depend on their age, past surgical experience and type of anaesthesia. It is quite normal for children
 to wake up distressed due to a variety [...]

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The Paediatric Theatre Experience: In surgery

Paediatric Surgery On the day of your child’s surgery, the Theatre department will call the Paediatric Unit to advise that they are ready for your child. A nurse from the Paediatric Team will escort your child and one parent (in certain circumstances both parents) to the Holding Bay within Theatre. [...]

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Tips for encouraging kids to wash their hands

"Have you washed your hands?" How many times have you said that to your children today? Probably a lot. Hand washing is one of the most important disease preventative skills you can teach your children. Teaching kids about hand washing is not just important to keep them healthier in childhood [...]

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Four diseases, one vaccine.

  From July 2013 the National Immunisation Program Schedule will contain a range of new vaccines. The changes will affect the 12 month old, 18 month old and four year old schedule. At 12 months of age, babies will receive the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine. At 18 months of [...]