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Hip-healthy Swaddling

Swaddling may provide comfort to grizzly babies and may help develop more settled sleep patterns. However when swaddling, extra care should be taken to ensure baby is safe and to allow healthy hip development. Always allow room around the hip for movement. Wrap the upper body firmly, but not tightly. [...]

What is Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip?

Did you know that hip dysplasia isn’t always present at birth? That’s why it is called Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) Assoc Prof Leo Donnan strongly suggests that parents keep their routine Child Health Check appointments where a nurse trained in the detection of hip dysplasia will, as part [...]

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Norovirus – what is it?

The Department of Health, Victoria, has recently issued advice to hospitals and childcare settings that a new strain of Norovirus has recently been detected in Victoria, and this may lead to an increase in the number of cases and outbreaks over the coming months. So what is Norovirus? Norovirus is [...]

Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is a respiratory illness which has recently been reported to have increased in incidence. It is also known as 'pertussis', after the bacteria which causes it, Bordetella pertussis. In most children and adults it is just a real nuisance - it causes a 'cold' for 1-2 weeks, followed [...]

What colour is baby poo?

New parents are possibly happier than any other person to talk about poo. When it comes to changing nappies, parents spend quite a lot of time inspecting their newborns poo and can be both fascinated and worried with what they find. Common questions from new parents: How often should my [...]