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Acknowledging our food services team

Our employees are one of our greatest resources and today I would like to commend the food services department at St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne (SVPHM) who recently undertook an initiative in order to review their customer service methods. Food Services Manager Kevin Ley, Senior Supervisor Adal Ukotic along with the [...]

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White Ribbon Day

Earlier this year, St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) joined the growing number of organisations from corporate, non-profit and Government who have started their journey towards accreditation as White Ribbon Workplaces. In working towards accreditation, we have acknowledged that violence against women is a workplace issue and are leading by example [...]

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 2015

Even though over 3000 men and women will be diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in Australia this year, the disease is still called the ‘silent killer’. Pancreatic Cancer gets this title due to its difficulty in detection until the disease is often well progressed. It is also rarely mentioned in the [...]

Pastoral Care Week

This week is Pastoral Care Week and an opportunity for St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne (SVPHM) to recognise the spiritual needs of those we serve as well as the pastoral care provided through our professional chaplaincy and pastoral counseling. This year’s theme, “Spiritual Care Together” focuses on 'holistic care of the individual and [...]

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Infection prevention week

Each year approximately 200,000 healthcare associated infections occur in Australian healthcare facilities, it is thought that majority of these are preventable. Protecting the patient and healthcare worker population within St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne (SVPHM) from insidious pathogens is the joint responsibility of all who visit SVPHM. Infection Prevention and [...]

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Mental Health Week

Driven by the SVHA EnVision2025 strategy, St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne have a mission to serve something greater than ourselves. Compelled by the Sisters of Charity our mission is to serve the poor and vulnerable and two specified priorities are mental illness and the homeless. Since participating in the Vinnies annual CEO Sleepout, [...]

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