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SVHA 2018 Innovation & Excellence Awards Winners

Four teams from St Vincent’ Private Melbourne had the opportunity to present their case as finalists at the SVHA 2018 Innovation and Excellence Awards last night, at Marketplace, Melbourne. Congratulations to Karen-Leigh Edward on her nomination for the Catholic Identity and Mission and nursing practice case study. To Michelle Battye [...]

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We’re Accredited!

This week has been a big week for all of us with hospital accreditation. Over the past few months, we have been preparing meticulously for the accreditation. The verbal summation has just been delivered by the Chief surveyor and the recommendation to ACHS is that we comply with all the [...]

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2018 Accreditation- What you can do!

Our hospital accreditation survey is fast approaching, which is why I’m putting together a quick checklist and provide resources to help every staff prepare for accreditation. During survey week, an accreditation surveyor may approach you about any quality and safety matters relevant to your role.  It is therefore essential that [...]

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Diversity is Our Strength

We are lucky to call Australia home, a multicultural and multiracial country surrounded by society so rich in various cultural skills and different languages. The same is reflected in our workplace, with employees from diverse backgrounds, it allows us to share and learn from other cultures and experiences. Last Sunday [...]

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Vimy House- 10 years in the family

The history of Vimy House Private Hospital goes back for more than a century, from its original premises at 25 Queens Road, Melbourne, to its current location in Kew. It has been 10 years since St Vincent’s Private acquired Vimy House. Prior to its redevelopment by St Vincent’s, Vimy House [...]

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