By the time you know you’re pregnant it may be that you have been pregnant for several weeks. These early weeks are a crucial time of development for your baby. There are many things that obstetricians look for in the early weeks of your baby’s development.


“From a patient’s first appointment, anytime from six weeks gestation, we will monitor the baby to check development is progressing well.”

Obstetrician Dr Guy Skinner



Starting as one tiny cell your baby will be formed in just a few weeks and your own body will start preparing to grow and nourish your baby.

Using ultrasound your obstetrician will see:

It’s common for many new Mums to book in early to see their private obstetrician and, by doing this they enjoy the benefits of seeing their baby in its earliest stages of development and listening to the developing heart (or hearts) to provide comfort about the health of their new baby.

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