Did you know that influenza virus can survive an hour or more in enclosed environments or surfaces, so it’s easy to catch and spread and hard to avoid.

Experts estimate that influenza in Australia causes more than 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations per year.

You can limit the spread of influenza during flu season by practicing good hand hygiene, practice proper sneezing and coughing etiquette and most importantly getting vaccinated.

The influenza virus constantly evolve, which means they can be a new threat every year. This is why yearly vaccinations are essential in preventing flu.

We support annual vaccination by providing free influenza vaccination to all staff. Here’s a chart showcasing the percentage of staff getting vaccinated every year.

Annual influenza vaccination for healthcare workers is important and should be a routine. Getting vaccinated helps to protect you, your family and our vulnerable patients. Wouldn’t it be nice if 100% of our staff are flusmart?

This year we have started offering the Afluria Quad, four strain flu vaccine at all hospitals. Apparently the best time to get the flu shot is towards the end of April and early May because the effectiveness of the flu vaccine may begin to wane after three to four months. But better to be late than never.

If you haven’t received your vaccination, roll up your sleeve, brace yourself for a small prick and be flusmart!

The Infection Prevention team