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Hip-healthy Swaddling

Swaddling may provide comfort to grizzly babies and may help develop more settled sleep patterns. However when swaddling, extra care should be taken to ensure baby is safe and to allow healthy hip development. Always allow room around the hip for movement. Wrap the upper body firmly, but not tightly. [...]

What is Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip?

Did you know that hip dysplasia isn’t always present at birth? That’s why it is called Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) Assoc Prof Leo Donnan strongly suggests that parents keep their routine Child Health Check appointments where a nurse trained in the detection of hip dysplasia will, as part [...]

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Patient Experience Week

It’s been a busy week around St Vincent's Private as we celebrate and learn even more about patients and their experience of spending time in hospital. Every one of us impacts on the experience that a patient has during their time with us and that includes the emotional support we [...]

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Obstetrician: Dr Briohny Hutchinson

Dr Briohny Hutchinson is an obstetrician who is passionate about providing exceptional patient centered care. Paramount to this is her dedication and caring nature that is fundamental to the individualised care provided to each of her patients. The opportunity to share a couple’s journey though pregnancy and delivery is incredibly [...]