Today at 11am patients, staff and visitors were asked via our public address system to observe a minute’s silence as a mark of respect to all Australian service men and women and, in particular, to the Veteran inpatients currently in our hospital.

I also had the honour of visiting the wards to meet our Veteran inpatients to acknowledge their war time contribution.

Mr Bob Edwards, pictured with daughter Kim below, is a Vietnam Veteran and no stranger to our hospital.  After the sad loss of his wife earlier this year, Mr Edwards spent 5 weeks in ICU followed by 18 weeks in and out of hospital for ongoing treatment.

Residing in Kerang, Mr Edwards has had the support of his family who have been by his side throughout his numerous hospital stays. He expressed gratitude to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for allowing him to be a patient at St Vincent’s Private Melbourne and together with daughter Kim said the care throughout had been wonderful, ‘We’ve been in lots of hospitals and this place really is a stand out,’ said Mr Edwards.

Daughter Kim said that although it had been a difficult time for the family, the care at St Vincent’s had made it a nice experience. ‘I’ve wondered about your recruitment process and how the hospital has managed to get such wonderful staff to work here,’ said Kim. ‘The cleaners, food delivery staff, nurses, doctors and registrars, they have all been amazing and we couldn’t have got through without them.’