In recognition of International Nurses Day 2018, I thought it would be a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on one of our incredible nurses and celebrate the wonderful work nurses do. This also helps us get to know our colleagues more than just their job titles.

Tess Young, an Assistant Nurse Unit Manager on the 6th floor ward of Fitzroy campus, has been a nurse for 5 years. She started at St Vincent’s in her grad year in 2013, and now specialises in orthopaedics, plastics and vascular.


Day off. Gym time!


Doing late shift today. Taking the opportunity this beautiful morning to go for a walk and soaking up some sunshine.

Handover at 2pm. With Lisa Cording, Jasmine Hurley, Kaitlin Falahey, Chloe Mirams, Heng, Ong, Reena Vas and Tsomo Gurung

Time I go to bed after a late shift


Time I wake up for an early morning shift

Reconstituting IV medication


Checking schedule and medications

Plastic surgery lecture after work (4pm- 8pm)


Checking patient’s (Virginia Hindell) blood pressure


Changing a patient’s dressing

Saturday night – cake decorating. Yes I like baking cakes. I find it intensely satisfying.


Sunday morning – playing with my nieces and nephew, Willow, Evie and Parker

Sunday afternoon – Manage old Trinity Grammar Amateur football club women’s team

My drive to be a nurse comes from wanting to meet and help people, and the feeling of satisfaction you get when you know you have made a difference to someone. I like the people you get to meet at work and that no day is the same.


It takes a special person to be a nurse. That is why we owe the utmost respect to those who are willing to do the necessary jobs that we cannot picture ourselves doing. Thank you to the incredible nursing team at St Vincent’s Private. Your tenderness, patience, care and compassion is an inspiration to us all.