After she was told the due date for the arrival of her first baby, Jessica expected their was a good chance she would be spending her first Mother’s Day at St Vincent’s Private.

But babies often have plans of their own!

Jess had been feeling very well and enjoying a great pregnancy. Until the day she started feeling some pain which was similar to the pain she had felt with some previous pelvic instability in her pregnancy.

That evening as Jess begin to cook dinner she felt her waters break. At only 33 weeks gestation, Jess knew this wasn’t ideal. She started calling her husband Paul to come home, but Paul was busy at the gym and not answering his calls. Jess soon got help from her parents and her Mum managed to get in touch with Paul.

When told ‘the waters have broken’, plumber Paul initially asked where it was he needed to fix them!

Jess and Paul soon started driving to St Vincent’s Private, where obstetrician Dr Megan Di Quinzio and the midwifery team were preparing to meet them. But just a few hundred metres down the road Jess was calling loudly for the ambulance. They pulled over to the side of the road and the ambulance arrived in just minutes.

With lights and sirens for the nearly 50 km journey and a baby who had decided to arrive in a hurry, Jess continued to labour in the ambulance.

It was with just minutes to spare that Jess was wheeled up to the delivery suite and baby Connor made his early yet very fast appearance.

With such a speedy arrival, Connor was urgently taken to the Special Care Nursery where he needed Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) to help him breathe, it would be five days before Jess was able to hold her baby boy. From that moment, Connor improved every day and a few weeks later he was able to go home.

This week, Jess and Paul will celebrate their first Mother’s Day at home, rather than in the hospital, with baby Connor now 7 weeks old.