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2020 Feast Day of Mary Aikenhead

Words from our Mission Integration Manager, Julie Wain"Today we celebrate the Feast Day of Mary Aikenhead. For those unfamiliar with our history, Mary Aikenhead was the foundress of the Sisters of Charity and all St Vincent’s hospitals around the world. She was, without a doubt, a remarkable woman and her [...]

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Dr Iniyaval Thevathasan – Inflammatory Bowel Disease & Pregnancy

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) comprises of a group of conditions that cause inflammation of the digestive tract and includes Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. IBD is most commonly diagnosed between the ages of 18-35. Hence, it follows that a majority of women will conceive for the first time after [...]

Dr Stefan Kane – Is my baby ok? Babies that are Small for Dates (Small for Gestational Age)

Birth announcements almost always mention a baby's birthweight – it forms a considerable point of interest for parents, family and friends alike. Beyond this social curiosity, birthweight is an important health measure, as very small or very large babies may need additional care. A significant component of pregnancy care [...]

Dr Peter England- Melbourne Obstetrician

Your pregnancy is a highly personal experience and requires individualised care, specific to your own health and lifestyle needs. Dr Peter England is dedicated to providing bespoke and compassionate care to every patient to ensure they have the best pregnancy possible. Peter has worked in both Australia and the UK.  [...]