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The importance of Cervical Screening Test

One of the most important things you can do for your health as a woman is keep up to date with the health of your cervix. Obstetrician, Dr Briohny Hutchinson, shares what's the latest in keeping your cervix healthy. Cervical cancer is preventable with regular screening offering the best chance [...]

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Pre-pregnancy and Pregnancy Vaccinations

Some infectious diseases can cause serious harm to pregnant women or their unborn babies. Ideally, women should be up to date with their immunisations before they become pregnant because it can protect a pregnant woman and her unborn baby from infectious diseases. Obstetrician-gynaecologist, Dr Fiona Cowell, shares the types of [...]

Obstetrician: Dr Briohny Hutchinson

Dr Briohny Hutchinson is an obstetrician who is passionate about providing exceptional patient centered care. Paramount to this is her dedication and caring nature that is fundamental to the individualised care provided to each of her patients. The opportunity to share a couple’s journey though pregnancy and delivery is incredibly [...]

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Obstetrician: Dr Meredith Tassone

Dr Meredith Tassone runs a private obstetric and gynaecology clinic in Fitzroy. Meredith is assisted by a group of support staff who work together to ensure patient care is personal, with a strong focus on customer service. Meredith works as part of an all-female group of obstetricians. As the Head [...]

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Obstetrician: Dr Lionel Steinberg

Dr Lionel Steinberg is a private obstetrician and gynaecologist. Dr Steinberg manages very-high risk and complicated pregnancies and deliveries, specialises in multiple birth pregnancies and is encouraging of all pregnant women to choose to have a natural birth, minimising intervention when possible. Dr Steinberg’s rooms are located within St Vincent’s [...]

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Obstetrician: Dr Joseph Sgroi

Dr Joseph Sgroi is a private obstetrician and gynaecologist with consulting rooms in both East Melbourne and Werribee.  Dr Sgroi has been providing health care to women for over seven years and has a breadth of experience in obstetrics and general gynaecology. Dr Sgroi completed three years of physician training at The [...]

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