What is ectopic pregnancy?

It is a condition where pregnancy grows outside of the uterus.

What are the signs/symptoms of ectopic pregnancy?

Early pregnancy bleeding & lower abdominal pain are the most common symptoms. When such pregnancy ruptures (bursts) inside your belly, you may have syncope or you may faint. It is a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

How is ectopic pregnancy diagnosed?

Apart from clinical features described above, blood test to measure pregnancy hormone (hCG) and an ultrasound is done. Most of the time more than one reading of hCG 48 hours apart are required to make the diagnosis.

Is ectopic pregnancy common?

No, certainly not as common as threatened miscarriage. But as it is a serious condition, it always needs to be ruled out in any case of early pregnancy bleeding.

If you have bleeding from your vagina, your doctor will follow your symptoms until:

  • Your bleeding stops, and he or she has made sure that your pregnancy is growing normally.
  • You have a miscarriage. If this happens, your doctor will talk with you about what to do next.

This post was provided by Dr Boski Shah