Returning to exercise after having your baby

There are numerous reasons why regular exercise is important for our bodies and minds throughout every life stage and the postnatal period is no different.  Regular Exercise aids in recovery, muscle strengthening, promotes social interaction and psychological wellbeing, just to name a few. However, what does differ at this stage [...]

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Tackling the spectre of preterm labour

Around one in ten pregnant women will go into preterm or early labour before 37 weeks’ of pregnancy. Many of these will be first time mums. For an obstetrician, preterm labour is a confounding problem. For parents, it’s a scary and unpredictable prospect. A/Prof Megan Di Quinzio is leading the [...]

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Urinary Incontinence: Symptoms and How to Manage

Urinary incontinence (the accidental leakage of urine) is a common problem affecting up to 1 in 4 women during their lifetime. It has the potential to impact all spheres of a woman’s life – physical, emotional, sexual and social. Many women simply put up with their symptoms, incorrectly assuming that [...]

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Looking after your breasts

When we talk about “breast health” it is almost always in reference to breast cancer, specifically, the issues of Risk Reduction and Early Detection. Breast cancer and oncoplastic surgeon, Dr Jane O'Brien, shares some advice on how to look after your breast. Breast Cancer: Risk Reduction How can an individual woman [...]

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The importance of Cervical Screening Test

One of the most important things you can do for your health as a woman is keep up to date with the health of your cervix. Obstetrician, Dr Briohny Hutchinson, shares what's the latest in keeping your cervix healthy. Cervical cancer is preventable with regular screening offering the best chance [...]

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